Community Messages

Inspired by Cervantes’s fictional character Don Quixote, this year’s edition of the MCAST ICA Festival bears the title ‘Dare to be Quixotic’. Don Quixote is synonymous with creativity, imagination and individualism. However, his qualities transcend those of the creative, and those which reflect his personality as a human being are equally inspirational. This quirky but upright heroic chivalric character had a strong sense of duty, determination, conviction and justice. An idealist and motivator of change, he was never discouraged by the challenges and mishaps he faced when on the journey he chose to embark upon.

Many of these qualities are collectively embodied in the students’ work which encompasses a broad range of disciplines – Creative Media Production, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Art & Visual Design, Graphic Design, and Interactive Media, together with Journalism, Performing Arts, Photography, Product and Spatial Design. Others are qualities to develop upon or aspire to while embarking on life’s journey.

It is opportune to thank all industry shareholders who have believed in our learners in their individual journeys over the years. Furthermore, special thanks go to Arts Council Malta and Spazju Kreattiv, together with MAC Cosmetics and Bluerock, for their unwavering support. Moreover, the extraordinary dedication and commitment of ICA staff and students, together with that of MCAST stakeholders, are also warmly acknowledged. All, in some way or another, have dared to be Quixotic along this enriching formative journey.

Martina Caruana

Director Institute for the Creative Arts (ICA)