Community Messages

Now in its seventh edition, the MCAST ICA Festival has become a cornerstone of the Spazju Kreattiv annual programme with its high level of artistic diversity and community involvement. The students, coming from eleven courses at the Institute for the Creative Arts, are allowed to showcase their works within a dynamic professional environment led by the academic cohort and our specialised staff. Throughout the process, they are encouraged to push their artistic boundaries and explore new ways of implementation that enhance their skills and knowledge for the future.

In this framework, Spazju Kreattiv, as the National Centre for Creativity, plays a pivotal role as a facilitator of this educational trajectory enabling not only the development of work of the highest quality but outlays to the participants the career options within the creative sector and beyond.

Moving forward, the Festival continues to show a steady impetus to evolve and grow in its importance in creating a vibrant platform for encounters, exchanges and empowerment for future generations to be inquisitive and push boundaries that will allow the country to evolve and reach new levels of creativity and critical discourse.

Daniel Azzopardi

Spazju Kreattiv Artistic Director