Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Spatial Design

Xavier Vella

Repurposing a Demolished Warehouse into an Educational Hub

Repurposing a Demolished Warehouse into an Educational Hub AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Photoshop

Xavier Vella is an aspiring interior designer, with a passion for art, while also nurturing his love for football. In his dissertation, Xavier explores the repurposing of a demolished warehouse into an educational hub. The primary focus of his study is to design a comprehensive space that fosters social interaction, cultivates academic skills, and offers additional support if needed. The tuition rooms and theatre within the hub will be available for rental purposes. This project aims to empower young individuals, enabling them to develop their skills and knowledge to their fullest potential. By emphasizing interaction and social activities, the educational hub aims to create enhanced opportunities and improve focus and concentration, particularly for those facing academic difficulties.