The seventh edition of the MCAST ICA Festival celebrates the creative achievements of talented students of eleven Bachelor of Arts (Honours) courses at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in Mosta. The festival offers a valuable platform for these students to exhibit their hard work and individual talents, gaining exposure among stakeholders in the creative industry and the local arts and design community.

Dare to be Quixotic
Decorative pointing finger

Inspired by the chivalrous unrealistic ideals of Don Quixote, students embody the values of creativity, authenticity, and imagination, unlocking their inner potential. To achieve innovation, it is necessary to break free from conventional thinking and establish new ideals driven by the creativity and ingenuity of a new generation better suited to meet the challenges of the modern world. Taking risks, challenging established norms, and exploring new ideas and approaches can lead to advancements that benefit society.

Join us on this journey of creativity and discovery, and celebrate the artists of tomorrow who embrace their inner Don Quixote. Let’s work together to transform the world through unique and imaginative perspectives.

Decorative 8-ball

MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts

ICA Festival 2023