Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art

Christabelle Mizzi

Finding Light, Unseen, Concealed, Played, Connecting Ends

Finding Light, Unseen, Concealed, Played, Connecting Ends Series of 5 digital artworks

Christabelle Mizzi explores ideas and emotion through shape, form, structure and colour using a variety of media. Her gestural techniques allow her to express her ideas both in 2D drawings and 3D works reflecting intuitive visions, sometimes inspired by music. The current project aims to investigate female representations using comic art. Her aim is to experiment with visual storytelling to find new ways of communicating comics. She depicts her own self in various scenarios within the story to reflect her own femininity and represent her exploration of the topic. Christabelle merges her knowledge derived from fine art abstract painting techniques with illustration using layering and composition manipulation.