Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art

Rasha Belle Zammit Cutajar

‘Organic Reformation

‘Organic Reformation Mixed media on fabric

Rasha Belle Zammit Cutajar is an aspiring artist who delves into the understanding of artistic mediums through in-depth experimentation and reflection. Currently, she is exploring a theme of organic forms and structures by pushing the boundaries of interpreted automatic drawing, using both traditional techniques and alternative methods to explore the limits of her chosen medium. Rasha pays meticulous attention to detail ensuring the connection between the aesthetic as well as the theoretical side of the work. In her present exploration, she draws upon various elements such as textiles, yarn, thread, charcoal, wax, bioplastic, and kombucha leather, intricately weaving them into her thematic framework centred around the essence of natural forms. With a childlike curiosity that fuels her intuitive experimentation, Rasha remains motivated to continue exploring and developing her ideas into new projects and pieces. Her curiosity, combined with sensory stimuli, drives her creative process forward. Similarly, she seeks to pique curiosity and display the opportunities of possible exploration within her viewers.