Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art

Bjorn Chircop


Portraits Assemblage with Clothes

Bjorn Chircop is an aspiring multi-disciplinary artist, who explores the major facets of the LGBTQIA+ community, tackling themes that vary from history, drag and gender. Taking a transformative approach, a process of evolution, Bjorn emphasises the tension between expressive and repressive. Focusing on installation works and paintings, Bjorn sometimes takes a performative approach to connect with the audience and/or participants. Generally expressing one’s identity, for this project Bjorn works with donated clothes/belongings from individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community that identify with genders beyond the binary. Bjorn believes that clothes are a statement, the first impression one chooses to project, be it to express one’s current self, break boundaries or conform. Clothes carry the history of an individual and show a journey of one’s self-discovery. The clothes were transformed by folding and hand sewing into tactile abstract relief art.