Spazju Kreattiv

An annual showcase highlighting the emerging students of the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts

The 7th edition of the MCAST ICA Festival celebrates the creative achievements of talented students of eleven Bachelor of Arts (Honours) courses at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in Mosta. The festival offers a valuable platform for these students to exhibit their hard work and individual talents, gaining exposure among stakeholders in the creative industry and the local arts and design community.

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6 - 30 July

Community Messages

Decorative pointing finger

The MCAST Strategic Plan 2022-2027 establishes twenty Smart Targets, amongst which the College commits itself to “plan, construct, and operate new buildings for the Institute for the Creative Arts” (ST01), apart from other Institutes and sectors. This direction reflects both one of MCAST’s main values, that is, “celebrating the success of our staff and students”...

Professor Ian Refalo

MCAST President

Professor Joachim James Calleja

MCAST Principal / CEO

Inspired by Cervantes’s fictional character Don Quixote, this year’s edition of the MCAST ICA Festival bears the title ‘Dare to be Quixotic’. Don Quixote is synonymous with creativity, imagination and individualism. However, his qualities transcend those of the creative, and those which reflect his personality as a human being are equally inspirational. This quirky but...

Martina Caruana

Director Institute for the Creative Arts (ICA)

Now in its seventh edition, the MCAST ICA Festival has become a cornerstone of the Spazju Kreattiv annual programme with its high level of artistic diversity and community involvement. The students, coming from eleven courses at the Institute for the Creative Arts, are allowed to showcase their works within a dynamic professional environment led by...

Daniel Azzopardi

Spazju Kreattiv Artistic Director

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